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Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to get Chicken dinner



Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

India’s most loveable game called PUBG is on its high in terms of graphics and intensive fights between squads. Although, it’s necessary to have an Android Phone or iPhone with good graphics hardware to get an immersive experience of the Game. This article is based on Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks, which are applied to increase the chances of winning.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

1. Choose the Right server according to your location

It’s very important to connect your game with the nearest server to reduce the network drops. However, isn’t guaranteed to play without any network issue by connecting to the suitable server. E.g. the KRJP server is made for Korea, Japan and its neighbours, while the players of Asian Countries may select Asia server and few more are in the list.

2. Use Headphones

The headphone is one of the necessary things in the world of PUBG despite many gamers forget to use it and suffer from unexpected death. It also helps to get the exact location of the surrounded enemy and hear Aeroplane sound.

3. Change Graphics quality

This is the main point where many gamers lag, as they don’t set graphics settings according to their hardware capability. In case you don’t have a high-end phone, you must put graphics setting to smooth and frame rates to low. The high-end phones are capable to run the game in HDR and Ultra frame rates.

4. Cross the river via Boat

Bridge camping is a normal trend in every game and bridge campers might catch you while you cross the bridge via Car, buggy, bike or a jeep. From our valuable experience, I suggest you avoid crossing bridge via four-wheeler or bike, infect you may cross the river by swimming and the best way is to take a boat and go ahead.

5. Don’t Rush alone

Many of you might not agree with me for this point but in reality, you might be knocked out or die if you try to rush on the full squad in a single house. It doesn’t mean you can’t beat them many pro players can do this but for the beginners, it’s very dangerous and our recommendation is to avoid the rush on the full squad if you are a single man in your squad.

6. Use peak and fire

This feature is very useful in PUBG and every player should use it. You can enable this option from the setting menu. This feature allows you to aim and fire without disclosing your full body to the target enemy. Example – Your enemy is in front of you and you want to shoot then take a cover and tap on peak and fire button to shoot enemy without taking a major risk.

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7. Supply Drops Are Not Worth The Trouble

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks include this point because many players have greed to get those special items but it would be risky as anyone might targeting you while you walk towards the Supply drop. Instead, stay around the loot area, see who goes up to get the loot and later, kill them and take the loot from them.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

8. When You’re Getting Sniped, go zig-zag

Running in Zig-Zag formation will keep you little safer when you are getting shots from the enemy. This technique will distract your enemy from the target and your chance of surviving will increase.

9. Keep changing damaged armour

It’s very important for you to wear fresh equipment like Helmet and Armour. Firstly, try to find Level 3 Armour and Helmet because it has more damage absorption capacity as compared to Level 2 and Level 1. Secondly, try to get fresh armour against your old damaged Armour and Helmet.

10. Patience

Patience is the key to get Chicken Dinner. Majority of the players gets out due to nervousness and in this situation, players take wrong decision and miss the chance of Chicken Dinner. Keep calm and be claver, try to hide yourselves as possible as and patiently try to find the correct position of the enemy. That’s enough in Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks.

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